Work with Me

50 to 75 minutes
(inclusive of HST)

In our busy and demanding school, work & personal lives, it can be challenging, and often stressful, to find time for yourself. At Everyday Self Counselling, my goal is to make therapy more accessible and easy for clients to access throughout their week. If you struggle with commuting, have a hectic work life, or simply have obligations that "get in the way" of accessing help, this is the option for you!

Types of Virtual Sessions include:

Phone Sessions (30 or 50 minutes) 

Video Sessions (30, 50 or 75 minutes) 

Common reasons someone will choose a Virtual Session:

  • You live out of reach of my Downtown, London office location

  • You do not have a vehicle and/or other source of transportation

  • Your schedule is often limited and  busy due to family, career, or school obligations 

  • You would like to access therapy on a date/time that an in-person session would not typically be available or you'd like to access therapy more frequently 

  • Weather conditions or poor health make accessing therapy a barrier

  • You simply prefer chatting virtually!

Virtual Therapy