Mentorship for Students

After receiving dozens of messages, emails, and calls asking about how I started, grew, and sustained my practice, I decided to begin offering my mentorship to other mental health professionals and therapists-in-training in addition to the therapeutic services I currently offer. If you’re a prospective or current student who wants to learn more about the wild world of being a therapist and navigating your graduate-level program expectations, you're in the right place! 

I’m ready to let you in on all my little business secrets!

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For Future Students

$80 per 45-minutes (+HST)

If you are currently deciding whether to pursue a counselling-related profession through a graduate-level program, this one is for you! This is ideal for...


♢ Prospective Yorkville MACP students looking to gain some insight from alumni prior to accepting!

♢ Support in making your graduate school selection & discussing if the program is the right fit for you

♢ Insight into the life of a therapist post-graduation

♢ Practicum-related questions & support 

♢ Real & honest support from a therapist who has done it

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For Current Students

$110 per 50-minutes (+HST)

If you are currently a graduate-level student or you have recently been accepted into the program as (yay congrats!), this one is for you: 


♢ Navigating life as a graduate student in the field of Counselling Psychology

♢ Post-graduation career planning & financial planning as a therapist 

♢ Deciding whether Private Practice is for you & how to build your practice as a student

♢ Practicum-related questions & support 

♢ Insight into how to build and scale your brand as a student to have a kick-butt practice ready to rock & roll post-graduation

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The Therapy Tutor

$125 per 50-minutes (+HST)

If you are currently a graduate-level student and struggling with the course work and would benefit from 1-on-1 tutoring, this one is for you:


♢ Navigating life as a graduate student in the field of Counselling Psychology

♢ Course-specific support including questions on structuring assignments and projects 

♢ Understanding counselling concepts including CBT, DBT, ACT, Emotion-Focused Approaches, and

     navigating a person-centred approach to client care 

♢ Practicum-related questions & support 

♢ Reviewing/editing of coursework prior to submission

*Please allow 2-weeks for appointment availability as my schedule varies weekly and can be heaviest during Fall/Winter seasons. Same-week support guaranteed.

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The Student Bundle

$360 per 3, 50-minute sessions (+HST)

If you are currently a graduate-level student and you would like more than a single appointment with Nicole with some added goodies, this one is for you:


♢ Any and all student-related needs can be discussed including coursework support (ie. anything included in The Counselling Tutor), Practicum support, beginning your brand as a student, and so much more!

♢ 3 Individualized, 60-minute phone or video calls with me at any time you need it along your journey

Individualized summary emailed to you at the end of each appointment 

Nicole's Student Placement Guide to support your successful practicum experience, including resumé tips, how to reach out to a potential site, questions to ask in your interview, and much more!

-What The Process Looks Like-

When you are ready to get started, use one of the links listed in the service of your choice to register for the type of mentorship you are considering at this time. After successfully booking an appointment, Nicole will send you a personalized email with more information on how to schedule your call. All mentorship is held virtually at this time and offered Canada-wide via Phone or Zoom!

Would you like to schedule a consultation call before booking a mentorship appointment to see how Nicole can best support you at this time & determine the best mentorship option for you? Click to schedule a Free 15-minute Mentorship Consultation Call!

Please note: Due to the demand for therapeutic services at this time, all mentorship and consultative services are offered Tuesday & Thursday 9am-4pm. Payment is made via e-transfer and is required at the time of booking. 


"Even though I am currently in the MACP program I was hesitant about reaching out to Nicole at Everyday Self  Counselling because I did not want to feel judged about the way I was feeling or the questions I had. Nicole did an amazing job of making me feel welcome and providing a safe space to talk about how I was feeling. I had a lot of questions and Nicole did a fabulous job of answering all of them as well as providing me with additional information I did not even think about. I would highly recommend her for not only MACP prospective or current students but for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed in their life."

-Alexi V., Current Yorkville MACP Student