• Nicole Lobo

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there and welcome to The Everyday Self! I guess I should start with a little introduction about myself, my experiences with mental health, and why I started this blog to begin with!

So here goes nothing...my name is Nicole and I'm a 22-year-old from London, Ontario, Canada. I think anyone from London can say that this city is kinda boring, especially in the Winter when you feel the effects of seasonal depression kick in once the hype of Christmas dies down. That's when you're left sitting in thousands of layers of fluffy sweaters and cozy blankets thinking about life's big questions:"who am I?", "what are my goals in life?", "who am I meant to be?", "what is my purpose in life?" Other than bruding over life's biggest questions, I am a full-time graduate student at Yorkville University's Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program and part-time tutor for elementary and high-school students. Safe to say...there are some good days and some days where I want to rip my hair out...but nevertheless, it's amazing to watch children learn and see that little lighbulb go off in their heads once they finally understand how to use a capital letter! (haha!)