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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any low-income options or a sliding scale?

No, at this time I do not offer low-income options. As part of my modern approach to therapy delivery, I offer various session lengths and service deliveries that may assist in setting your budget for therapy. Session lengths range from 30 to 75 minutes and begin at under $100! This will help clients select services that meet their budgeting needs. Please contact me for more information on my fees.

Are taxes charged on therapy services?

Yes, unfortunately, psychotherapy services have not yet become HST exempt in Canada. However, the therapy community is working hard to ensure the government recognizes the need to exempt taxes from our services. At this time, HST is included in my therapy service rates. Mentorship & consulting services are currently the listed fee plus tax. Receipts indicate the appropriate tax identifications and can be submitted under personal income tax as a health expense.

Do you offer consultations before scheduling a first appointment?

Yes, I offer all prospective clients a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy at this time and discussing whether I might be the right fit in working with you. Every therapist has a unique style and method in supporting your therapy goals. I like to ensure this gets ironed out before you are sitting in a first official session with me to make the most out of your time and commitment to the therapeutic process. Click here to find out more about my free consultations!

Are your services covered under insurance benefits?

My services are covered by most extended health care benefits. Please check your coverage to ensure services provided by a "Registered Psychotherapist" will qualify under your benefits package. I am also a registered health care provider with Green Shield and Blue Cross Medavie; I do not offer direct billing. At the time of payment, I will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. My services are not covered by OHIP. Please contact your insurance provider for more information about your coverage options. If you are an Ontario resident, you can claim the cost of non-reimbursed psychotherapy services as a "medical expense" on your income tax return.

What happens if I cancel my appointment or if I miss a scheduled appointment?

Everyday Self Counselling has a policy of requiring a minimum of 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. If less than 24-hours notice for an appointment change or cancellation, you will be charged the full rate for your appointment, as you are holding a spot that someone else might have been able to use. You can also cancel or change your appointment by clicking here and logging into your secure client account, or the email confirmation you recieved when you booked the appointment. This is only accessible before the 24-hour mark prior to your session taking place. You can also call, email or text me to notify me as well (please note my hours of operation; I typically respond to all messages Monday-Friday 8am-6pm).

How often should I come to therapy?

This is completely up to you. Most clients decide to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; however, it is dependent on your needs and how much support you would like to receive. My schedule is flexible and clients often are able to schedule an appointment within the same week! I offer access to an online booking portal which gives active clients full access to my schedule to book your appointments. Click here to book your next session! Please note: Only active clients with verified accounts can schedule appointments online. If you are a new client, please schedule the Free Consultation option to schedule a phone call before we schedule your first session.

What is your area of specialty or focus as a therapist?

At this time, my focus is primarily on aiding in the areas of anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship conflict, and communication. I work with individuals over the age of 16, Millennials, and couples using a collaborative and causal approach. Through talk therapy, we will work together to develop coping strategies, learn to make connections between thoughts and behaviours, and understand your circumstances using alternative perspectives. Also, I offer supportive tools to my clients by providing psycho-education in mindfulness meditation and cognitive awareness.

I know someone who would benefit from therapy. How do I get them to contact you for help?

Although therapy is beneficial, it is only the most helpful and effective when we are willing and accepting to receive help. Thus, it is up to the person to decide for themselves whether it is the right time for them to seek counselling. You are more than welcome to pass on my contact information if they are interested.

I am in a state of crisis, and I need immediate help, who do I contact?

Please be aware that I am not a crisis therapist. Although I am available to support clients in-between regularly scheduled appointments, I am not available 24/7 and thus would not be considered an emergency service provider in the event you experience a crisis. For any crisis or emergency services, please reach out to your local mental health crisis centre (ie. CMHA or ReachOut) or emergency line (911) for immediate help. All clients are also provided with a list of local crisis resources prior to their first appointment.

What can I expect during a first appointment with you?

During a first appointment, we are shaking off those usual nervous jitters that come with coming to your first session. I will typically share some information to help you get to know me and make you feel comfortable! I will spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your session to review your Informed Consent form and discuss my policies. If you have any questions or concerns, this is your opportunity to ask. I believe and value transparency; therfore, I think it's important you know what to expect from me as your therapist, as well as what I expect from you as a client. We will then spend the remainder of our time going through your Intake Questionnaire, and you get to take the stage in sharing with me about what brought you to seeking a therapist, your goals in working with me, and formulating a treatment plan by the end of your session!

What are your session rates?

At Everyday Self Counselling, I offer both individual and couples therapy, at various session lengths. The rates for individual therapy can be found here. The rates for couples counselling can be found here. The rate for virtual therapy can be found here, with check-in call rates found here. If you have any specific questions about my rate, please contact me directly.

What does your office look like? I like to be able to know what to expect.

Welcome to the Everyday Self Counselling office! Located in Downtown London, my office looks to bring a modern and cozy vibe to traditional psychotherapy.