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Many couples enter the Everyday Self Counselling office feeling hopeless, on the brink of separation or divorce, and with doubts that their relationship is salvageable. As a therapist, I enjoy inviting clients into the neutral ground of my office and facilitating helpful dialogue. I aim to bring hope and practical suggestions to the sessions; while you bring a desire to learn new skills and make concrete, healthy changes in your relationship. Together, we create positive changes and a rebirth of the love that first brought you together. 

Common issues I address in Couples Therapy include:

  • Communication breakdowns regarding a lack of understanding, compassion, and empathy within the relationship

  • Persistent arguments that have seemed to arise more often throughout the course of your relationship

  • Premarital support (during dating or engagement)

  • Supporting one another during tough times (illness, death of a family member or friend, job loss, addiction)

  • You both feel distant, disconnected, and out of sync with one another 

  • Rebuilding trust and mutual understanding 

  • Facilitating healthy and effective communication with one another 

  • Exploring your core values and beliefs systems when making tough decisions 

Couples Therapy

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