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Therapeutic Consultations

Free - 15 minutes

My caseload is currently full. Please stay tuned via the Everyday Self Counselling Instagram page for when new clients will be accepted again.

Are you interested in starting therapy but not sure where to start your search...or with whom? With so many options out there, how do you decide which mental health support is right for you?


Whether you are going through a particularly rough time in your life or simply need some guidance, support, or ways to cope with something from your past; I'm here to help. I strongly encourage the therapeutic relationship and build my practice upon building that relationship so you feel comfortable and safe to express your concerns. After all, opening up to a stranger can be scary! At Everyday Self Counselling, I do my best to make therapy feel easy, comfortable, and approachable. 


Therapeutic consultations are a chance for you to ask questions, understand the scope of my practice, and determine whether therapy with me is the right fit for you. I offer all prospective therapy clients a FREE 15-minute consultation to learn more about myself as a therapist, the services I offer and therapeutic techniques, or how I can best support you!

Common questions I address in a Phone Consultation include:

  • What are your qualifications as a therapist?

  • Why did you choose therapy as a career?

  • What is your experience with treating _____?

  • What therapeutic methods or approaches do you use?

  • What are your views on _______?

  • What are your fees? How does billing work? Are you covered by my insurance?

  • What is your cancellation/ rescheduling policy?

  • How often can I book appointments with you?

  • What is your availability for appointments?

  • What types of sessions do you offer?

To ensure we would be the right fit in working together, phone consultations are required before a first appointment can be scheduled. Please click the button below to request a consultation call.