Work with Me

Check-In Calls

30 minutes
(inclusive of HST)

Your mental health is important! Sometimes we are going through our week and realize that we have become triggered (oh no!) Your mind is swirling and you may find yourself struggling to work through your thoughts in a way that brings in the therapeutic techniques you have been learning with me. The check-in call is a great opportunity to put "therapy into action!" by actively working through your concerns using therapeutic coping skills and strategies when they are happening. 


This 30-minute check-in call is available for existing clients who would like to briefly chat about any life updates or stressful transitions, discuss a triggering situation they are struggling to manage, or who simply want to touch base in-between our sessions! It is also a great low-income therapy option for those who struggle to pay for a full therapy session. 

Note: You must sign in with an existing client account to book this session type online under "Express Phone Session"