My Approach...

is simple

You may be wondering, "what makes your practice so different from the rest?" or "how do you fit my needs?"


Here are a few ways in which I make therapy different:

✖️ Structure my practice so you fit my methods; my therapy is focused to fit YOU!

✖️ Sit & write notes as you speak; I work collaboratively with you throughout your session

✖️ Limit my schedule & appointment options so you go weeks/months without support (no waitlist!)

✖️ Judge you or make you feel insecure about your concerns; they matter!

✖️ Try to shame your mental health experience; everyone experiences these challenges in their own ways

✔️ Remain transparent & real as a person, encouraging you to feel comfortable & safe to express concerns 

✔️Stay relevant & up-to-date with research, new trends in therapy, and strategies that work!

✔️ Operate as a partner rather than a boss.

✔️ Sit in the room WITH you as you sort your thoughts & feelings

✔️ Call you a client rather than a patient

✔️ Stay active on social media daily...because we could all use some helpful reminders every day

✔️ Offer virtual therapy to make accessing support easy, comfortable & accessible from anywhere

✔️ Tailor my approaches to your individual needs rather than using blanket approaches that don't fit

✔️ Welcome 'everyday' language in session; I want you to always feel comfortable to express yourself!