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Nicole Lobo, MA., RP-Q

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About Nicole

Your local "Everyday Therapist!"

I am a Registered Psychotherapist-Qualifying working both in private practice and hospital setting in London, Ontario, Canada.


After graduating from Western University in Psychology and Sociology, I decided to pursue my passion for mental health through a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Since graduating, I poured my passion into advocating for mental health awareness, working through everyday problems, and reducing the stigmas behind the management of mental health concerns. 


As I have worked through my own personal struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks, I have come to understand how debilitating circumstances can effect every aspect of our lives. I have experienced the highs and lows of anxiety and depression, and I have learned the benefits of therapy first hand and how accessing quality mental health care can allow you to reach your goals of living a happier and healthier life. Therapy can sometimes feel scary, but it doesn't have to be. Contact me today to schedule your free phone consultation and we can chat about what therapy options would work best for you!