I'm Nicole; a Registered Psychotherapist, sister, daughter, fiancé, dog mom, and mental health advocate! I work with Millennials & couples to regain the freedom to embrace their everyday selves and regain control over their mental health. I value the modern mental health approach where we work collaboratively towards your wellness goals, while also building the foundational knowledge behind our mental health experiences. Together, we learn that crying cleanses the soul, laughing makes room for joy, and neutrality is the new positivity. 


 My goal is to create a warm, supportive atmosphere where you will feel comfortable to gain new skills and insights, and break free from what holds you back in life. I consider it an honour and a privilege to be a part of your unique journey in embracing YOUR everyday self!


So kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee/tea, curl up on the couch & let's chat!


Anxiety can sometimes feel like a label or something we just have to learn to "deal with" as a part of life. You often find yourself wondering what you can do to help yourself “get rid of this feeling” or feel better in some way. With thousands of options to choose from, finding the right support can be exhausting. Nicole offers individualized therapeutic supports with a modern approach to care that is comfortable, and collaborative.


Do you want to improve communication with your partner, strengthen your relationship, manage a new life stress, or work through a challenging event in your relationship?


Nicole works with engaged, newly married, and Millennial couples to provide the opportunity to address concerns and conflicts that you have been unable to work through on your own. 


The pandemic has shifted our lives, work, and access to comfortable care. For those who find it preferable to stay at home for reasons such as comfort, convenience, or other restrictions; Nicole offers virtual therapy sessions for individuals and couples. These are live video or phone sessions offered to anyone in the province of Ontario!



Are you a student, therapist-in-training, psychotherapist, counsellor, or mental health professional who wants to learn more about the wild world of private practice?


Nicole offers individualized and personalized graduate-level academic support, career counselling & private practice consulting virtually so you can start & grow your successful mental health practice! 

My Approach

...is simple

Therapy should feel natural and comfortable, rather than feeling forced. I view therapy as a form of self-care; a quiet retreat where you can spend some time simply focused on you and your needs while turning the rest of the world off for a moment. I choose to practice a modern approach to mental health counselling that speaks to your needs. In other words, I meet you where you are at and let you guide your therapy journey; making it your own. This approach is what feels most authentic to me, both as a person and as a clinician. Read more about my modern approach to therapy by clicking here.

Making It Easier To Get Support

No Referrals Needed 

Anyone can make an appointment at any time, even if you haven't been to your doctor first.

Flexible Appointments

Appointments are flexible and adaptable to your scheduling needs, either in-person or virtually.

Online Booking

You can book as many appointments online and in advance to suit your schedule and need.

Ready to get started?

Contact Nicole to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your current needs and how Nicole can help!